When things don’t go as planned.

I planned an entirely different post this week. I wrote it this morning and was going to proofread it tonight before publishing it. But then something happened. Don’t get too excited, it wasn’t anything big – this blog is called Little Matters after all. Or maybe it was.

This afternoon, I went to Sip My Ocean, a new exhibition by Pipilotti Rist at the MCA in Sydney with a friend. The installations were beautiful and inspiring, and so was the company. I’d had a wonderful afternoon, and planned to go to a BodyBalance class at the gym straight afterwards. Only, the gym I go to is a 40 minute train ride away (it’s my uni’s gym and it’s cheap and great). As I was on my way to the station, I realised there was trackwork on my line, which meant I had to run to the bus stop. The replacement buses were badly organised, and as I got to the bus stop, lungs hurting, I realised I was never going to get to the gym in time.

Bye bye BodyBalance. Bye bye wonderful end to a wonderful afternoon. I was sad and annoyed. This sucked. Yes, I know there are people out there who have real problems and that mine pale in comparison. But I had really looked forward to this class, especially since I’d already missed my usual Thursday class this week because I got stuck working that day, trying to rewrite the hundreds and hundreds of words I’d written the previous day that Word decided to destroy. I’d also lugged around my gym clothes and my laptop (to work on the train) all afternoon.  So yes, everything about this sucked, and I wasn’t happy.

As I sat at the bus stop, I contemplated my options. Walk back to the station and take a train home, or walk home, which would take an extra 10 minutes. I decided to walk, and childishly stomped my way through the streets.

Until it hit me. I could enjoy this walk. I could slow down instead of rushing like I had some place to be, I could notice what was happening all around me, breathe in the air that had that ‘it’s just rained’ kind of freshness, feel the tiny rain drops gently touch my skin.


And just like that, my mood lifted. It really was that simple. I didn’t even take the shortest way home. I let myself get lost and discover new backstreets and alleys, new nooks and crannies. I walked in the grass and in the mud, and stopped to study the shapes in the bark of the trees. I looked up at the sky and the leaves overhead, and tried to shift my perspective not to see the leaves but the spaces in-between.


After about 40 minutes, I started listening to a podcast, Liberated Body, I’d been meaning to listen to for ages but never got around to. I got home, put down my bag and nestled into the couch, and continued listening. I sat there without doing much else until I reached the end of the episode. Isn’t that great?

This was a wonderful end to my afternoon. I had really wanted to go to that BodyBalance class, and I’m still a little sad that I didn’t make it. But letting trackwork that I had no control over ruin what had up to that point been a great day would have sucked more. And I almost let it.

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